Welcome to 5W Trading.

Sunrise at 5W Trading

Who is 5W Trading?

meadow5W Trading is us, the Woody family. We live on a small farm in the heart of Texas, where we find great joy in the world around us. We started 5W Trading in an effort to supplement our income as educators by selling things here and there at Farmer’s Markets and on eBay about a decade or so ago.

Over the years, our family has grown, and now we have decided to grow our business, too. Because of our constant drive to learn more, see more, do more, and understand more, we are always discovering new delights that we want to share with others. You will find that our taste, hobbies, and interests are wide-ranging and eclectic, and so we decided to share peoples stories through estate sales. We think you will agree with us that the best things in life are the things that inspire wonder and awe.

We are curious, and maybe you are, too, which is why we have devoted this blog to telling the story of 5W Trading.


Why we run Estate Sales

We love old things. If it’s vintage, retro, antique, or even reminds of days gone by, we relish it. We admire artisans and artists, craftsmanship, hard work, delicate stuff and sturdy stuff, and clever uses for everyday (and not so everyday) items.

Over the years we have learned to make a lot of things by the old methods. We like to bake homemade bread, preserve vegetables, make jams and jellies, harvest raw honey, milk goats and cows, quilt and sew, weld metal, make things from wood, and perfect old skills that we think are cool and worthy of mastering. These skills have inspired a love those who have collected them over the years. Being able to run estate sales helps us give stories to these everyday items and who owned them. More than that, though, we are people people. We love getting to know new people and seeing old friends as we poke around through the treasures they have owned.

Why Do We Sell Our Treasures?

bigredIn Texas, there’s an ice cream company called Bluebell that uses the motto “We eat all we can and sell the rest.” It’s like that for us.

We believe we provide a valuable service that’s good for the world. We offer hard-to-find, unique items, which saves our customers time and effort and allows them to score that perfect gift or that rare item they need to complete their collection. We also offer some more common items at a good price that keeps the items in circulation and out of the landfills or wasting away in someone’s attic when they could be loved and appreciated in a new home.

In a world that seems to be in a perpetual hurry, we encourage you to join us in slowing down and savoring the beauty around us. We are a true mom and pop company. If we could, we would hug you and ask you to sit down for a cup of coffee and a nice piece of homemade pound cake, baked in the oven from scratch. Welcome to 5W Trading! Make yourself at home!